About E&E Foam

E&E Foam Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is form by full experience management team and staff.

E&E Foam is a leading manufacturer in the expanded polystyrene (EPS) industry. E&E Foam lends its experience to many industries including applications in shape moulding products, thermal insulation, packaging, advertising and civil engineering / building which include light fill in road foundations, theme park facades, concrete void forming, floatation, impact sound insulation, wall construction elements and roof and floor panels.

We are a dedicated company that focuses on quality and service to meet our customers’ needs. We’ re interested in making our customers look good in their industry.

In E&E Foam Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, we wish to build a win win situation with our customer

Whatever the project is, give E&E Foam a call and we can work with you on getting the job done timely and efficiently.